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Eliza Evans (American) All the Way to Hell, 2020-ongoing Mineral rights, law, bureaucracy, size: 3 acres x 4,000 miles (depth). Edition: 1,000 mineral properties ©2020 Eliza Evans. Courtesy of the artist.

Eliza Evans offers the mineral rights to 3 acres of her land in Creek County, Oklahoma, for sale to 1,000 people, in order to prevent fossil fuel development in the area. In the vein of Agnes Denes’ 1992 project Tree Mountain – A Living Time Capsule – 11,000 Trees, 11,000 People, 400 Years realized in Finland, Evans’ All the Way to Hell (2020-ongoing) offers us the opportunity to participate and the responsibility to make change. The project consists of actual mineral deeds for buyers and an installation.