Performances 1976 - 81 gallery image
Studio performance with 'R.S.V.P' 1976. Silver gelatin print, 30 x 40 in, edition of 5 (+1 AP).
Nylon mesh (pantyhose), sand, dried rose petals, and full length wool skirt
Slauson Boulevard, Los Angeles
Photo: Ken Peterson
'I wanted to be a hidden image. I pulled the skirt over my head and squatted so that all that was visible was the top of my hair and one arm and a hand which I used to manipulate the nylon mesh sculpture in a restrictive manner. This performance dealt with the manipulative passive/aggressive nature of some relationships. I used nylon mesh (pantyhose) as a conceptual manifestation of the changes a body/form can endure and how much elasticity is left after pulling and tension cease. As with my other R.S.V.P. sculpture series, this piece was an abstracted reflection of used bodies.'